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Glastonbury 2022
Glastonbury is back!

Vans loaded to the brim, engineers packed and ready, and Origin is off to Glastonbury 2022!

With our Senior Solutions Architect James Fishwick returning for his 4th year and one of our newest, but experienced engineers Chris Frankland joining him, they headed off to Worthy Farm for the post-covid return of this highly anticipated Festival.

Working directly with our friends at the BBC, our role was to deliver the whole Avid and EVS ecosystem for the BBC’s multiple hours of live coverage, highlights packages and iPlayer content as well as provide extensive onsite support, expertise and ingest management.

Consisting of multiple Avid Symphony systems and ingest stations, we supplied the editorial team with the latest HP Z8 workstations making them more than capable of ingesting/transcoding, cutting and exporting the various flavours of footage, and for the team working in the field (quite literally… a field) they were delighted.

With the edits setup, these were connected back to our server van via 10GbE Fibre, where we hosted 120TB of the latest Avid NEXIS storage alongside our Avid Interplay servers - configured for frame chase editing capabilities. An Avid Transfer Manager was also included to allow background transfers of completed sequences back to the TX OB trucks EVS system, so the editors could quickly continue.

In addition, we supplied, configured, and supported a sizable number of EVS XT-VIAs and EVS XHUB3 for the OB Trucks. Our EVS server rack hosted multiple XTAccess servers and one of our EVS PMZ virtual host servers, running 3x IPDirectors virtually in an environmentally friendly reduced footprint of just 1RU.

With a main feeds and an Isolated camera for each stage, we managed the capture and archive of all the acts onto our 8bay Synology NAS stations as backup and integrating into the on-site logging feeds with the API running on one of our virtual IPDirectors, we were supplied with live time-of-day logging from each stage. Allowing us to know which stages were starting late, or running over their allotted time.

With the buzz of the BBC’s trial of UHD on the Pyramid Stage we were on-site and on-hand to supply our knowledge and expertise in its capture and ingest.

With everything going to plan and a great team in place, James and Chris even found time to enjoy the 70’s psychedelic rock vibes of Khruangbin on The Park stage and Wolf Alice’s Friday set! With a quick turnaround on the de-rig both were back at base on Monday morning ready for some well-earned rest.

A big thank you to the BBC and all involved.

Everyday, not just today
Everyday, not just today

Join us to celebrate and support Earth Day 2022!

Earth Day is about awareness and action to combat our greatest threat, climate change. From individuals and businesses to organisations and governments, we need to keep making positive changes and we need to do it faster than we ever have before.

When Origin was first launched, we asked our team what was important to them personally, and without fail each and every person highlighted the importance of doing what was right when it came to the environment.

After considerable internal discussion and with the help of external consultancy we undertook a detailed review of our business and how we could deliver an organisation which not only supported and embraced change, but actively encouraged it.

With a strong set of sustainability and environmental policies in place covering everything from waste management and transport to utility consumption and supplier review, we have now implemented “project impact” planning as part of our review when tendering for new work. Not only does this ensure that we are adhering to our commitments, but it helps highlight areas where our clients can support change and best practices.

We believe that together we can make change, but it’s not just today, its every day.

Earth Day #InvestInOurPlanet #OriginFilmTV

Virtual Success for PMZ on new Reality Show
Virtual Success for PMZ on new Reality Show

What do you do when you’re 1.6 KM up a mountain in the Italian Alps, and your client requests another IPDirector workstation?

Traditionally, this kind of request kick-starts a chain reaction. Grab the kit off of the shelf back at base, running it up or wiping it down, sorting out information for a carnet, booking a courier, and then waiting for the kit to arrive… and that’s if there are even any in stock on the shelves.

However with the new PMZ virtualisation platform from EVS, I was able to deploy a new virtual workstation within minutes of the request coming in from our client. With PCoIP agent installed on a spare PC, all that was needed was a quick phone call to EVS support for a new set of licenses to cover the remaining length of the job.

Of course, virtualisation is not new technology but the application of it in the Broadcast and Film industry most definitely is. We’re often led by technology suppliers qualifying hardware and workflows, so that we have rock solid solutions out on location and in studios. Now that we have a fully qualified solution from EVS, it opens up a whole new selection of Broadcast solutions.

We’ve been using the new PMZ platform to keep “rack real estate” down, with zero impact on performance on many of our larger scale jobs for the past year, but this is the first time that the flexibility to spin up a new instance has been the desired feature.

Find out more on our projects page


Chris Frankland Joins
New Engineer join the team

We're excited to announce that Chris Frankland has joined our engineering team.

Having spent considerable time in the world of Soho post houses, he was formerly a DCP Mastering Technician, Support Engineer, Grade Assistant and Post Systems Engineer (although he adds 'not all at the same time'). He has worked in Post Production on many Netflix Originals as well as BBC programs and several major Feature films and was also part of the team that provided 65mm IMAX Dailies scanning on 'No Time To Die', the recent James Bond film.

With things starting to ramp up and summer just around the corner it doesn't look like it will be long until we are in full flow. With several projects already under his belt working with our team, he's already trusted and welcome member.

The Big Move
The Big Move - New building confirmed

We alluded to it earlier in the year, but as they say good things come to those who wait and its been well worth it. We're excited to announce our new HQ! Located in the heart of Surrey our new facility is located just off the A31 near Guildford and gives us a huge increase in space over our previous Chessington location - Doubling our previous storage capacity, tripling our engineering capacity, and quadrupling our office and administration space.

With just under 18 months since launch, we couldn't be more excited to finally find a home that will allow us to expand and develop the business. We have a fantastic team already but as you may know we are always on the lookout for engineering superheroes and people with passion and we have exciting plans to come as we develop new product offerings.

For those of you who would like to follow our journey, we'll be posting updates on our Instagram stories, so please follow us here and get all the inside info and amusing events as they unfold as we fit out and move in!

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We look forward to seeing many of you at our new home soon.

Origin Bolsters Management Team
Origin Bolsters Management Team

We are excited to announce that we have appointed James Gander as managing director. Former managing director and company director of another major broadcast rental company, James's appointment is a strategic move designed to accelerate our ambitious growth plans for the business. Liam Wife, the company’s founder, remains as operations director.

James joins former associates and colleagues at Origin following a highly successful first year of trading and the recent acquisition of MCR Broadcast. Formed in 2020, Origin has already delivered more than 140 projects for broadcasters and production companies around the world, exceeding projected turnover.

James Gander has a 35 year career in the industry, starting as a driver at a major broadcast rental company. He has worked for a number of production companies, including Tony Mander Films and Clark Productions, as clapper-loader, focus-puller and eventually camera operator. Returning to his origin company, he quickly progressed from engineering into the rental team, before being appointed as managing director in 2007, and then company director in 2016 following the corporate takeover.

James's extensive career from driver to company director has enabled him to gain significant skills and experience in the industry, which will prove invaluable as he drives Origin forward into the next growth phase.

“I have known Liam and the team for many years and have always been impressed with their drive and their technical excellence,” Gander said. “I’m delighted to be joining the Origin team and this fresh challenge. Together we will build a strong future for Origin.”

Reflecting current trends in the industry, Origin has developed cloud, virtualised and remote services and cutting-edge project design alongside traditional rental services. High profile projects in the company’s first year have included many of the major sports highlights of the year, including the multi-sport events in Tokyo, working with leading outside broadcast companies like EMG and NEP. Original also provides kit and system design for reality and factual entertainment shows, and long-form drama.

With a current inventory valued at £5 million and a vision for continuing investment and rolling technology refreshes, it is the right time to appoint a strong managing director who can realise these goals.

“Having worked alongside James for many years, I couldn’t think of anyone better to join our team,” said Liam Wife, founder of Origin. “His passion and insight have always been a huge influence in my life, and his business aptitude, ability to look at the bigger picture and wealth of experience mean he is ideally placed to deliver our accelerated expansion programme.”

Origin acquires MCR Broadcast Hire
Origin acquires MCR Broadcast Hire

Today we're announcing we have acquired the assets of MCR Broadcast Hire and will be taking on the staff and business with immediate effect.

Less than a year into trading, this is our first major acquisition and will allow us to bring onboard the experience and expertise of the MCR team in the digital cinema cameras, RF for outside broadcast and professional audio arena.

“This purchase is great news. It will reinforce our existing team - ensuring a complete end-to-end offering, from production through to post", says Liam Wife. “We have been working with the team at MCR for a while and we are all excited by thisacquisition. It also adds considerable new inventory and supports our strong five-yeargrowth plan.”

MCR Broadcast was founded in 2019 and was headed up by Mike Ransome, previously CEO of Presteigne Broadcast. He has worked in the broadcast rental industry for over 35 years.

“Obviously, it’s sad to see the MCR brand go. However, I've worked with the team at Origin for some time and I know they can take the company to the next level,” says Ransome, who will act as a consultant to the company following the acquisition.

“This acquisition will place Origin in a unique position, uniting our team’s core workflow skillsets with the point of capture. This will mean we can provide a trueend-to-end production solution,” added Wife.

Nick Gething joins Origin
Nick Gething joins Origin

Many of the staff team at Origin used to work at another major broadcast rental company, including founder and rental director Liam Wife. So the whole team was absolutely delighted to welcome another valued former colleague to the Origin team.

Nick Gething joins us to expand and strengthen our team and we couldn't be more pleased. He previously worked as a  senior hire desk co-ordinator at another broadcast rental company.

Experienced and skilled in the industry, Nick has close to 20 years’ experience in the TV industry. He worked in factual, entertainment and sport for Sky before moving in to the world of post-production rental.

Away from the office he can be seen supporting his son’s under-9’s football team or exploring the Hampshire countryside with Ziggy, his miniature Dachshund.

It’s a wrap! Our new vans get the Origin treatment
It’s a wrap! Our new vans get the Origin treatment

We are excited to show you our new vans - all sparklingly clean and freshly wrapped with our new branding.

Our branding is important to us – simple, clean and standing out in a crowd – so we are delighted to see how good it looks on our new fleet of vehicles.

Our drivers and engineers can’t wait to take them out on the road and we would love to hear your thoughts when you next see them.

We have big plans for the future of the company. Sustainability is important to us and we are planning a new green initiative for Origin as we look to invest in electric vehicles as we move forward.

Founder Liam Wife says: “I’m impressed with the vehicle branding and the whole team is excited to see the Origin logo in action. It’s distinctive and just feels good. You can also spot it easily. Indeed, you can see us coming a mile away!”

Broadcast engineer Paul Coombs joins the team
Broadcast engineer Paul Coombs joins the team

New staff member at Origin – and he’s known for going the extra mile for clients!

We’re excited to welcome Paul Coombs to the Origin team. As a broadcast engineer, he’ll be responsible for testing, preparing and maintaining our cameras, lenses, trips and EVS products ready for the team and for delivery.

Paul has more than 24 years of experience in the broadcast industry – as well as a reputation for hard work, making co-workers smile and always being willing to go that extra mile for clients.

‘He is both a personal friend that I have known since I was 15 - and a former colleague,’ says Origin founder Liam wife.

‘I have never met anybody who brings so much laughter to the team. Terrible jokes, admittedly, but he is a hard worker, talented engineer and never complains! He is a truly talented engineer who is always willing to go that extra mile. Clients love him!’

Outside of work Paul loves walking his dog and watching football and rugby and one interesting fact about Paul you might be interested to know: he used to live in Saudi Arabia and can speak Arabic and Dutch.

‘Nothing has been the same without these guys. I’m thrilled to be able to join Liam and the rest of the team on this journey. It’s great to see the work-family back together again and I can’t wait to get stuck in!’ says Paul.

New Purchases - Sony & Harding
Harding Flash Pattern Analyser 2x 55: OLED 4K Monitors Purchased
Unbelievable support. A big thank you from the team
Unbelievable support. A big thank you from the team

Old friends and clients flock to support Origin as it gathers pace

Origin has already grown fast since its launch and the future looks bright. But while it’s still early days for our exciting new company, we believe it’s never too soon to send out a heartfelt thanks.

So, thank you for all the amazing support we’ve already received. Thank you too for the way in which old and new friends and clients alike have encouraged us all the way. We couldn’t have done it without you.

‘I’ve been in the industry for around 25 years and have worked with some great people and companies, many of whom I am proud to be able to call friends. I started the company just four months ago but have already seen the power that comes with proper relationships,’ says Origin founder Liam Wife.

‘I have had incredible support from former colleagues, that I’m excited to say are joining me on the journey and without whom I may never have done this - as well as from clients and friends that I have worked with.’

‘I have known some people for just a few months, others for years, but no matter how long, their support since my initial idea for Origin has been outstanding.’

The team at Origin are truly humbled by the lengths some of our clients have gone to - with a special shout out to Dega and The Farm. We are in awe of the excitement and passion with which our friends have supported us.

Origin has grown quickly since start up and has exciting times ahead.  The business may be future-focussed and modern, but it’s founded on good-old fashioned relationship-building with the people that matter – our friends and clients.

‘I am relishing the feeling of enthusiasm and passion – not only my own but in the team and our customers. Everybody is working hard. It feels as if we have all been given a new lease of life thanks to this exciting new project. I’m looking forward to what the future holds,’ says Liam.

Branding for the future, Paying Homage to the Past

One of the first items on the agenda at Origin was the new venture’s branding. As a new business, identity and how the company is perceived is crucial and we wanted to ensure it was just right.

The company name Origin was carefully chosen – and the design needed to be equally as fitting. While Origin’s core values are rooted in relationships, rising to a challenge and pushing the boundaries of technology – the branding also needed to ensure it stood out from the crowd.

Our aim was to find a design that was clean and refined and could be seamlessly transitioned across the different areas of the industry we work within. With limited design skills in house, we have been working with some great people to make this happen.

After a lot of work, we think we have come up with a great end result. We’ve spoken to many of you and had some great feedback and made some tweaks along the way.
Clean and simple, our new logo and accompanying artworks have been designed in a simple black and white, however we’re not afraid of a bit of colour!

The final result looks good. It’s simple, clean and refined and we can’t wait to see it in action. Keep an eye out for the Origin branding – it’s all set to become a familiar brand and a force to be reckon with in the future.

We’re already prepping designs for our new vans, pads, pens, pencils, trucks and more and we can’t wait to show you everything as it arrives. In the meantime we thought we would give you a little glimpse.

We hope you like it and welcome your feedback…

A new era
A new era - From Driver to Director

Liam Wife, the founder and director of Origin Film & Television, is delighted to be leading an exciting new venture in the industry where he has worked for most of his life.

His career began as a bright and eager young driver at a major Surrey based broadcast rental company, where he stayed for more than two decades, eventually becoming rental director before launching Origin in 2020.

Suffolk-born Liam started out as an architectural technician where he loved the drawing and attention to detail. In 1997, he was hired for an entry-level driver’s job at a broadcast and camera rental house – the start of his long and fruitful career in the broadcast rental business.

Enthusiastic and dedicated, Liam was soon earmarked for promotion by his soon to be life-long friend and boss James Gander. He became a warehouse manager and was responsible for booking kit in and out. It was also his task to ensure the equipment was prepped and ready to go. Next came a new role as rental-coordinator and, not long after, rental manager - each job helping him build a deeper knowledge and experience of the industry.

Liam stayed at the company for 24 years, working his way up to become rental director. When the company was taken over and became part of a much larger corporate entity, Liam moved briefly to a role in another company before taking the opportunity to harness his vast experience and set up Origin Film & Television.

As he learned his trade through his years, Liam grew to understand how important the personal touch can be when working with clients as well as how relationships are built and need to be nurtured. He enjoyed adapting to new technology and ways of working - but whatever changed in the industry one thing remained a constant for Liam – the power of good relationships.

Setting out into a new era as director of Origin, Liam brings these core values with him into his exciting new venture. He is dedicated to building a culture at Origin that matches his values – which he believes are often lost in many of today’s bigger businesses.

For Liam, running a business is all about creating an atmosphere where trusted, happy staff enjoy their jobs, stay with the business for a proper career, feel valued – and, of course, where those vital client relationships are also valued.

After his two and half decades, Liam is known for understanding the technical requirements for the most demanding productions. He appreciates how to effectively deliver innovative workflow solutions using the latest technology and has built Origin on the firm foundations of his own industry knowledge.

For Liam and the team, Origin’s mission is clear - to create a friendly, customer-centric and boutique company that maintains that personal touch. Origin is set up to be a nimble new company that is flexible enough to meet customer needs and identify new solutions in the market - as well as focus on sustainability for the future.

Moving forward, Liam is optimistic about what the future holds for Origin. He is delighted to be back working with his former colleagues who were excited to join him at his new venture. The focus is now on building the business, creating satisfied clients and seeing staff colleagues enjoy their work.


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