Our History

Origin has seen incredible growth since it launched in late 2020. The brainchild of founder Liam Wife, joined by a talented team of ex-colleagues, the company is a unique combination of experience, expertise, innovation and incredible customer service.

"A once-in-a-lifetime coming together of brilliant engineers and systems architects. Complementary skillsets have created a rental company and workflow consultancy with a critical advantage, based on industry knowledge and experience"

- Televisual Magazine

A proven history of success

Founder Liam Wife has a track record of more than 20 years of working at a major industry broadcast rental company, forging a strong reputation and the respect of the industry by working with some of the best names in the business. Liam’s impressive reputation in the industry means he has attracted a well-respected team of professionals to join him at Origin – many of them former colleagues. The respect and experience the team bring with them collectively has contributed to the company’s huge success. In its first year since start up, Origin has created a £4 million turnover and an impressive portfolio of more than 120 projects for clients around the world. Origin is now the trusted partner of choice for hundreds of clients from almost all the major broadcasters to OB companies, post-houses, and several major studios.

A clear vision for the future

Origin was conceived with traditional values in mind with a vision to develop a business positioned around creative flexibility and technical prowess. The company is committed to push the boundaries of technology and to deliver equipment, services and solutions for our clients faster and more effectively than ever before. Working with major manufactures such as EVS and backed by our own internal R&D, we are always testing and looking for new ways of working - giving our clients that critical production advantage.

Continued investment and acquisition

After securing start-up funding, Origin set out plans for a strong investment program and rotating inventory cycle. This ensured the company’s vision was fully supported. Our current inventory stands at £5 million and we have invested heavily in the latest equipment, internal infrastructure and technology. This has given our team the tools it needs to deliver the impeccable service our customers expect from us. Origin will see continued investment, strategic acquisitions and considered alliances as we drive the business from strength to strength.

Join our journey

Join our team as we we explore new ways of working and keep you up to date on all our news.


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