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Join us to celebrate and support Earth Day 2022!

Earth Day is about awareness and action to combat our greatest threat, climate change. From individuals and businesses to organisations and governments, we need to keep making positive changes and we need to do it faster than we ever have before.

When Origin was first launched, we asked our team what was important to them personally, and without fail each and every person highlighted the importance of doing what was right when it came to the environment.

After considerable internal discussion and with the help of external consultancy we undertook a detailed review of our business and how we could deliver an organisation which not only supported and embraced change, but actively encouraged it.

With a strong set of sustainability and environmental policies in place covering everything from waste management and transport to utility consumption and supplier review, we have now implemented “project impact” planning as part of our review when tendering for new work. Not only does this ensure that we are adhering to our commitments, but it helps highlight areas where our clients can support change and best practices.

We believe that together we can make change, but it’s not just today, its every day.

Earth Day #InvestInOurPlanet #OriginFilmTV

Introducing Pronology mRes

Multi-channel, multi-codec, real-time live recording with frames rates of 23.98 – 60fps up to 4K. 100% resilient and fully compatible with Avid / Adobe, we’ve had them for a while and have been putting them through their paces. Rackable, stacka...

Glastonbury is back!

Vans loaded to the brim, engineers packed and ready, and Origin is off to Glastonbury 2022!

With our Senior Solutions Architect James Fishwick returning for his 4th year and one of our newest, but experienced engineers Chris Frankland jo...

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