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Virtual Success for PMZ on new Reality Show

What do you do when you’re 1.6 KM up a mountain in the Italian Alps, and your client requests another IPDirector workstation?

Traditionally, this kind of request kick-starts a chain reaction. Grab the kit off of the shelf back at base, running it up or wiping it down, sorting out information for a carnet, booking a courier, and then waiting for the kit to arrive… and that’s if there are even any in stock on the shelves.

However with the new PMZ virtualisation platform from EVS, I was able to deploy a new virtual workstation within minutes of the request coming in from our client. With PCoIP agent installed on a spare PC, all that was needed was a quick phone call to EVS support for a new set of licenses to cover the remaining length of the job.

Of course, virtualisation is not new technology but the application of it in the Broadcast and Film industry most definitely is. We’re often led by technology suppliers qualifying hardware and workflows, so that we have rock solid solutions out on location and in studios. Now that we have a fully qualified solution from EVS, it opens up a whole new selection of Broadcast solutions.

We’ve been using the new PMZ platform to keep “rack real estate” down, with zero impact on performance on many of our larger scale jobs for the past year, but this is the first time that the flexibility to spin up a new instance has been the desired feature.

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Glastonbury is back!

Vans loaded to the brim, engineers packed and ready, and Origin is off to Glastonbury 2022!

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