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Unbelievable support. A big thank you from the team

Old friends and clients flock to support Origin as it gathers pace

Origin has already grown fast since its launch and the future looks bright. But while it’s still early days for our exciting new company, we believe it’s never too soon to send out a heartfelt thanks.

So, thank you for all the amazing support we’ve already received. Thank you too for the way in which old and new friends and clients alike have encouraged us all the way. We couldn’t have done it without you.

‘I’ve been in the industry for around 25 years and have worked with some great people and companies, many of whom I am proud to be able to call friends. I started the company just four months ago but have already seen the power that comes with proper relationships,’ says Origin founder Liam Wife.

‘I have had incredible support from former colleagues, that I’m excited to say are joining me on the journey and without whom I may never have done this - as well as from clients and friends that I have worked with.’

‘I have known some people for just a few months, others for years, but no matter how long, their support since my initial idea for Origin has been outstanding.’

The team at Origin are truly humbled by the lengths some of our clients have gone to - with a special shout out to Dega and The Farm. We are in awe of the excitement and passion with which our friends have supported us.

Origin has grown quickly since start up and has exciting times ahead.  The business may be future-focussed and modern, but it’s founded on good-old fashioned relationship-building with the people that matter – our friends and clients.

‘I am relishing the feeling of enthusiasm and passion – not only my own but in the team and our customers. Everybody is working hard. It feels as if we have all been given a new lease of life thanks to this exciting new project. I’m looking forward to what the future holds,’ says Liam.

Introducing Pronology mRes

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Glastonbury is back!

Vans loaded to the brim, engineers packed and ready, and Origin is off to Glastonbury 2022!

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