DTC / Videosys Legacy IDU (4 OCPs) with 12V PSU
DTC / Videosys Legacy Indoor Unit for 4 Sony RCPs

Videosys Camera Control Indoor Unit (CC IDU-E) has been designed to control up to 4 cameras from one unit. The IDU sits in the truck connected to the OCP’s and can use either legacy or have the option for full Ethernet control from the network, seamlessly allowing integration into an existing OCP network.

Fully integrated camera side panel for use with the CA-75HD camera adaptor for the Ikegami Unicam cameras. Incorporating the Videosys camera control system UHF camera receiver and the Domo DTS Nano HD SOLO 7 Transmitter with N-Type antenna connector for HD video transmission for professional broadcast.

The dockable camera side panel fits seamlessly on to the CA-75HD adaptor for both the Ikegami 55 and 97 cameras, with an OLED display system enabling control for both the Domo DTS transmitter and the Videosys Camera Control.

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