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Wally Dolly
Low weight and smooth performance, 9kg kit, seamless joints
Justified by its low weight and smooth performance, the 9kg kit contains four meters of screw-together alloy track in one-meter lengths. When screwed together, the joints are seamless.

Invented by Australian cameraman Wayne Waller, the Wally Dolly has become the de-facto standard for portable dolly and track requirements in the UK broadcasting industry. Justified by its low weight and smooth performance, the 9kg kit contains four metres of screw-together alloy track in one-metre lengths. When screwed together, the joints are seamless. There are four metres of under-padding a T-frame dolly a low boy (Hi-Hat) and end stops. A cord and ratchet set holds your tripod safely to the dolly

Wally Dolly Basic Kit – 9 Feet / 3 Meters (WALLYKIT). Portable, fast setup, smooth moves. The Wally Dolly camera dolly was created in 1996 by Australian camera operator Wayne Waller and has sold over 2,000 world wide. Wally Dolly are a couple of Aussie camera operators based in DC, who have been using the Wally Dolly for years and thought it was mad there wasn’t a US distributor, so here they are.

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