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HP ZCentral 4R 
256GB of RAM, 10GbE connectivity, memory. support. Hyper and Max

The HP ZCentral 4R is a 1U, rackmount workstation built for power users, wherever they happen to be. The workstation comes with high-end hardware such as the Intel Xeon W CPU family, up to 256GB of RAM, and onboard 10GbE connectivity. Our build also tossed in an extra NIC and NVIDIA RTX 8000 GP

Our graphics-based testing showed the HP ZCentral 4R had no trouble shining in SPECviewperf 2020 and SPECworkstation 3. ArcGIS also had a strong showing from the rackmount workstation. While we compared the 4R next to the G5 Mini, that’s only a reference point just to show the scale of what the 4R is capable of. Obviously, no one be is cross-shopping the two, but we happened to have a similar set of performance benchmarks on hand.

Companies looking for the most powerful way to roll out HP ZCentral Remote Boost need to look no further than the HP ZCentral 4R Workstation. With today’s workforce more distributed than ever, this solution provides the balance between the power end users require and the manageability and security organizations need.

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