Eyeheight LE-2M Legaliser
Adjustable clipping levels,
The LE-2 legalEyes series legalisers are available in HD and SD. Eyeheight’s long commitment to these products makes this Eyeheight’s 8th generation series of legalisers with each generation perfecting better techniques. The current system includes a full RGB colour space corrector and full composite correction in one unit as well as Eyeheight’s proprietary ‘clobbering’ overshoot suppression technology.

The LE-2 is a multi-rate video legaliser. The incoming signal is constrained by parameters within the colour space that
the user selects, RGB, YUV, composite (PAL or NTSC) or RGB and composite combined. The unit also provides
eyeheight’s unique clobbeRing luminance overshoot and undershoot suppression. Gain, lift and hue controls are also
included. All common worldwide legalisation standards can be corrected. The LE-2 will auto detect whether the
incoming video is SD-SDI or HD-SDI and switch into the appropriate format.
The LE-2 also has an out of gamut indicate output with visual severity indication which will show the user where, on the
picture, any correction of the signal is being carried out

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