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A new era - From Driver to Director

Liam Wife, the founder and director of Origin Film & Television, is delighted to be leading an exciting new venture in the industry where he has worked for most of his life.

His career began as a bright and eager young driver at a major Surrey based broadcast rental company, where he stayed for more than two decades, eventually becoming rental director before launching Origin in 2020.

Suffolk-born Liam started out as an architectural technician where he loved the drawing and attention to detail. In 1997, he was hired for an entry-level driver’s job at a broadcast and camera rental house – the start of his long and fruitful career in the broadcast rental business.

Enthusiastic and dedicated, Liam was soon earmarked for promotion by his soon to be life-long friend and boss James Gander. He became a warehouse manager and was responsible for booking kit in and out. It was also his task to ensure the equipment was prepped and ready to go. Next came a new role as rental-coordinator and, not long after, rental manager - each job helping him build a deeper knowledge and experience of the industry.

Liam stayed at the company for 24 years, working his way up to become rental director. When the company was taken over and became part of a much larger corporate entity, Liam moved briefly to a role in another company before taking the opportunity to harness his vast experience and set up Origin Film & Television.

As he learned his trade through his years, Liam grew to understand how important the personal touch can be when working with clients as well as how relationships are built and need to be nurtured. He enjoyed adapting to new technology and ways of working - but whatever changed in the industry one thing remained a constant for Liam – the power of good relationships.

Setting out into a new era as director of Origin, Liam brings these core values with him into his exciting new venture. He is dedicated to building a culture at Origin that matches his values – which he believes are often lost in many of today’s bigger businesses.

For Liam, running a business is all about creating an atmosphere where trusted, happy staff enjoy their jobs, stay with the business for a proper career, feel valued – and, of course, where those vital client relationships are also valued.

After his two and half decades, Liam is known for understanding the technical requirements for the most demanding productions. He appreciates how to effectively deliver innovative workflow solutions using the latest technology and has built Origin on the firm foundations of his own industry knowledge.

For Liam and the team, Origin’s mission is clear - to create a friendly, customer-centric and boutique company that maintains that personal touch. Origin is set up to be a nimble new company that is flexible enough to meet customer needs and identify new solutions in the market - as well as focus on sustainability for the future.

Moving forward, Liam is optimistic about what the future holds for Origin. He is delighted to be back working with his former colleagues who were excited to join him at his new venture. The focus is now on building the business, creating satisfied clients and seeing staff colleagues enjoy their work.

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