DTC PRORXB 4 Way Receiver
DTC PRORXB 4 Way Receiver
The ProRXB is the latest HD/SD receiver/decoder from DTC. It features MRC diversity with built in connectivity for up to 8 downconverters as well as MPEG4 decoding and a web interface.

The ProRXB is is designed to work with the Solo H.264 transmitter which features DTC’s state of the art MPEG4 encoding.

4 way MRC diversity reception is supplied as standard however the unit can handle up to 8 inputs if required making if perfect for wide area coverage. If further coverage is required either multiple receivers can be used together to create 16, 24 and 32 way diversity allowing for seamless coverage over very large areas.

Dual SDI outputs as well as composite, ASI, and 4 Analogue audio channels provide all the connectivity required.

As well as wireless camera reception the system is also suited to many other applications including point to point links and helicopter downlinks with various high gain antenna and mounting options available all tailored to each specific hire. The system can be combined with triax or fibre extension systems with options for single mode and SMPTE available, further extending it’s power.

Due to this receivers use of external block downconverters, multiple sources can be received using the same antenna infrastructure allowing for simple and efficient rigging. This also provides support for various frequency bands including 2.5 GHz, 3.5 GHz and 7.2 GHz buy simply changing the downconverter type.

Standard features include 4 way MRC diversity, high quality MPEG4 decoding, Web Interface, DVB-T 4 as well as a wide tuning range, ASI Switching, four channels of analogue or embedded audio and AES.

Extended options include:
Built in 8 Way MRC Diverstity

This item can be hired on its own, with a few accessories such as antennas and mounts or as a complete system. The choice is yours. No matter how you decide to hire it you can be assured that it will be fully tested and configured to your needs.

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