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Beyerdynamic M58 Hand Held Reporters Microphone
Beyerdynamic M58 Hand Held Reporters Microphone ENG / EFP Omnidirectional
Designed specifically for ENG use this omni-directional moving-coil microphone has a sophisticated internal shock-mount, dramatically reducing handling noise.

Specifically-designed for journalism, news gathering, and field production, the beyerdynamic M 58 faithfully captures your sound source alongside the full natural ambience of your environment. The microphone features a high-output design, and a sophisticated internal shock-mount system. The shock-mount helps to significantly reduce noise and vibrations from handheld or stand-mounted use.

The M 58 also features a balanced frequency response ranging from 40Hz to 20kHz. A subtle boost in the high frequencies dramatically improves the clarity and intelligibility of vocals and speech. This smooth, detailed response also makes the microphone much more resistant to feedback than other ENG-type microphone designs. Plus, with a rugged, weight-balanced construction with a non-reflective finish and a slim profile, the M 58 offers easy handling with a minimalistic appearance, perfect for use on camera.

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