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ARRI Master Grips
Cine-style handgrips with documentary-style controls
ARRI Master Grips combine effective camera stabilization with comprehensive lens and camera control. Based on the classic ARRIFLEX handgrips.

ARRI K2.0009493 (K20009493) MRR-1 Master Grip Right Rocker . ARRI Master Grips combine effective camera stabilization with comprehensive lens and camera control. Lightweight and built to ARRI’s unsurpassed quality standards, the Master Grips are aimed at ALEXA, AMIRA and third-party camera users who want flexible and responsive fingertip control while shooting handheld.
MRR-1 is a solid, ergonomically designed right-side camera handgrip with assignable user buttons and a control rocker for super-smooth zooming. It includes a steel ARRI rosette and two LBUS interfaces.

Versatile controls
The Master Grips provide full control of focus, iris and zoom settings on cine lenses, including adjustable motor speed, zoom response and motor limits. They also offer a comfortable way to control the integrated servo motors of ENG and EF lenses*.

• 1x MLW-1 Master Grip Left Wheel
• 1x MRR-1 Master Grip Right Wheel
• 1x Extension Tube for Handgrip
• 1x RMB-4 Rod Mounting Bracket
• 1x Arri 15mm Reduction Insert
• 2x Handgrip Extension 160mm
• 2x Cable Clip 15mm
• 2x CForce Mini Motor
• 2x CForce Mini Clamp Console
• 3x CForce Clamp Insert
• 1x CForce Plus Motor
• 1x CForce Plus Clamp Console
• 3x LCB-4 LBUS Cable 1ft
• 1x LCB-F LBUS Cable 1.1ft Angled Straight
• 1x LCB-G LBUS Cable 2ft Angled
• 1x Amira EXT to LBUS Cable
• 2x 40 Tooth Gear 0.8 Pitch
• 1x 60 Tooth Gear 0.8 Pitch
• 1x 64 Tooth Gear 0.4 Pitch
• 1x 80 Tooth Gear 0.5 Pitch
• 1x Case

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